Annie & Stuart also offer shooting training schools and coaching courses to suit many people involved in competitive rifle shooting, and also for those who just want to tune up their special hunting or varmint rifles.


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Bench Rest Training

Whilst the focus here is on Bench Rest rifle shooting, the principles and methods apply to many other forms of competitive shooting as well. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned expert, you will find we can tailor a course of training to suit your needs. If you just want to improve your enjoyment of the sport or become a world champion we have the experience and skills that can help you achieve your goals. Check our other website



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Reloading Ammunition Courses

This course will be particularly useful to those who are considering starting out handloading as well as for those already seasoned handloaders. There is a huge selection of equipment and tools on the market and making sense of it all is sometimes overwhelming and some of the concepts difficult to understand. The classes include theory and practical demonstrations supported by a Powerpoint presentation, photos and course notes. We also run a separate course for 'Advanced handloading' as well as do one on one courses too. These classes are conducted at training rooms at the SSAA Belmont range in Brisbane. contact us


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Firearms Safety Courses (30195 QLD, approved for firearms licencing in QLD)

UPDATE, PLEASE NOTE: I am not currently conducting FS courses as we are too busy with our other business. Please direct ALL enquiries to the website mentioned here.

All bookings and enquiries to the firearm safety training website only:


General Shooting Training courses

Even if you are not interested in Bench Rest competitions we also conduct training courses for general shooters and those interested in long range varmint shooting. If you would like to learn about how to tune your rifles, learn about reloading ammunition and a bit of shooting technique to help you along we can handle all that too. Get in touch and discuss your needs by using the contact us section and also check out our Training website at

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