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Tips and Tricks entry page

We have included a new section here on this website to be of service to our customers and friends.
As many people know Annie and I also run a shooting training business called Bench Rest Training We have conducted training courses all around Australia and in various localities in the U.S. South Africa and in New Caledonia since 2004. Many of these courses have been for people into serious Benchrest competition, but now we also do courses for those who are looking for coaching and tutoring with any form of rifle shooting, competition or not.
We have decided to include here some of the FAQ's that people ask as well as some detail on those basic things like "How to clean a barrel", " How to use measuring tools" etc.
We will continue to add and develop this area of our 'shop' to include things like how to set out windflags on the range, scope mounting issues, using Hand (non threaded ) dies etc as we get time.

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