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Rail guns

Annie & Stuart have come to know many people involved in all things to do with rifle shooting over the years. They have nearly 60 years combined experience in Benchrest Shooting and have been fortunate to have a lot of success in all its forms in Australia and Internationally. Also having experience in training and sales they have developed a sense of what is good, what works and how it should be assembled. Listed here are some people we work closely with because we believe they have similar values and understand precisely what is required to deliver quality accurate products. Therefore we can recommend them. Most of the people who run these businesses are very involved in benchrest competition shooting in its various forms so are up to date which what is needed and what is expected.


This information below is provided free of charge as a contact for you to people  who operate their own independant businesses. It is important to understand these businesses are not part of BRT Shooters Supply or Stuart and Annie in any way. If you need to contact and deal with these people for their services please please do so directly. This is why their contact details are listed.

Too many people are calling us about gunsmithing services and barrels, optical repairs and sending us products for these people which is not part of our business


Redback precision

Redback Precision

Phil Jones is a fellow benchrest competitor who is a many time National Champion and Benchrest Hall of Fame member and he also shoots in Long range, Hunter Class and 22 Rimfire events. Phil has just expanded his gunsmithing operations to go full time with the addition of a new workshop and new CNC machinery. His focus is on accurate precision rifles and equipment. He is also turning his hand to making many unique special tools, gauges and reloading equipment. Phil has just reloacted his business to Stanthorpe in QLD. He gunsmiths our own benchrest rifles. Best contact is email: redbackprecision@gmail.com or phone 0414 78 22 37 to leave a TXT message only. I cannot answer the phone or retrieve messages during working hours. I may be working on YOUR job.

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Copperhead Bullets

Our good friend Ken Melgaard from Mulwala down on the Murray river in NSW makes some of the best handmade benchrest bullets in Australia. Called Copperheads he currently runs two styles in 6mm and is still expanding his range. We shoot copperheads. Contact Ken directly for bullet sales. 0429 016 832   www.copperheadbullets.com

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Custom Benchrest

Barry Edgley makes many unique benchrest shooting products including benchrest front stands and carbon fibre rifle stocks under the name 'Custom Benchrest'. He also in fact manufactures our very successful BRT flags and now the new i-ball wind probes.. Barry is also located in Brisbane. 07 - 3886 6820 or barry.edgley@bigpond.com

NXS scope

Optical Restorers and scope repairs

Malcolm Eames repairs rifle scopes, binoculars, telescopes and microscopes at Westlake here in Brisbane. Malcolm is trained at Zeiss and has been repairing some Benchrest and other target rifle scopes recently. Riflescopes are one of the major headaches in competition Benchrest shooting today. Many brand name scopes often fail to hold zero to the standards required for Benchrest Shooting. We have had some of our own scopes looked at by Malcolm too. He can be contacted on 07-3715 5603 or 0407 007 116. meames@bigpond.net.au

Progress Equipment

David Kerr is another fellow benchrest competitor and Benchrest Hall of Fame member from Western Australia. He gives straight forward advice and his gunsmithing services are excellent. He builds many winning rifles and runs a successful business in Perth called Progress Equipment. 08 - 9472 3062 or www.targetsolutions.com.au


LRP solutions (North Sydney)

Matt Paroz - Gunsmithing. Matt is a successful long range and F Class shooters and is doing gunsmithing services specializing in those fields from Sydney. email - lrpsolutions@optusnet.com.au


Bryan Smith Optometry- Sports Vision Specialist

Bryan is an accredited Sports Vision specialists who has developed expertise in prescibing eye wear for shooters. He developed an interest while serving in the Army Reserve, University of NSW regiment. Bryan caters for shooters in all disciplines and comes highly recommended by Annie and Stuart. We have several sets of glassware by Bryan for shooting and general use. We have arranged for Bryan to cater for shooters attending many Benchrest Competitions held here in Brisbane. He regularly takes appointments at the QRA range facility or by special appointment if visiting Brisbane. For contact click here


Brett Wilson

Brett Wilson from Orange in NSW specialises in working with competition 22 Rimfire rifles. He himself is an accomplished shooter particularly in the RBA and IRB rimfire benchrest competitions. He is also very good at stock work.  email - brett@lade.com


Neville King 6mm Benchrest Bullets

Nevile King in Victoria is a benchrest shooter who makes his own bullets. Does a good job too. 6mm in 66gr and 69gr flat base bullets in Detsch Dies.   emila: n_king47@optusnet.com.au or 0414208960


TRENTECH Engineering

Lee Trengove is another fellow long range benchrest shooter from Brisbane. He is one of the founding members of the Brisbane 1,000 yard Benchrest club. He ius a qualified Machinist and welder with over 18 years experience. His current day job is CNC programmer/operator for a specialist local manufacturing company. Lee is also doing gunsmithing and rifle builds focused of precision rifles accurate rifle for competition, Tactical or long range varmint enthusiast. His is a licenced Armorurer.

Webiste is www.trentech.com.au  phone: 0415 370 273

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