Benchrest Competitions and Matches


1000 yards

1000 Yards

Formal 1,000 yard Benchrest matches in Australia are regularly conducted on rifle ranges in Canberra, Brisbane and Townsville so far. Since Stuart and Annie have been directly involved in long range benchrest shooting events in Australia and overseas for many years we thought it appropriate to have a place to display results and match information. The National Rifle Assoc of Australia (NRAA) has adopted official rules and its clubs generally will the host matches. This type of competition attracts a great variety of shooters. Some who just enjoy the thrill of the long range shot and others who are extremely serious about getting all their groups tight. Everyone has their pet calibre and cartridge. .

500 yards

500 Metres

500m Fly Shoot is an event which began in Canberra, Australia's capital city, in 1990. It is a Benchrest shooting event shot at 500 meters. Events are held in various locations around Australia and now also in the UK. The target is predominantly a score target but the size of each group is also recognized and bonus points are awarded and added to each target score. There also exists a fly printed in the centre of the 10 ring and competitors who hit a fly get awarded a special embroidered Fly Patch which are well sort after trophies. The rules are simple and all 10 of them are included in the printing onto each target so there is no need for complicated rule books. The most important rule is rule 10 "Any competitor found not enjoying themselves will be disqualified."

500 yards

Benchrest - group shooting

Benchrest Shooting. This is the original form of all the competitions shooting 'Benchrest'. As the name suggested one shoots a rifle from rests placed on a bench. Generally Benchrest Shooting is known for and referred to as group shooting. The idea is to shoot the smallest groups (or cluster of shots) possible. In shooting terms this is generally recognized as the best measure of pure accuracy of ammunition, firearms and shooter. By using rests on a bench the human element of movement is minimized and therefore focuses the skill on 'reading' the wind precisely as well as preparing the most accurate ammunition to shoot from rifles capable of extreme accuracy. Competitions are held at 100, 200 and 300 yards. You can shoot competition from club level to State, National and International level with World Championships being held bi annually since 1991. For a brief history of Benchrest shooting refer to the sub link at left.

500 yards


Rimfire Benchrest shooting is enjoying a resurgence worldwide lately. As the name suggests this is for rifles which are chambered in the 22LR rimfire cartridge only. Competitions for Rimfire Benchrest Rifles are held all over Australia in many locations and mainly on SSAA rifle ranges. There are matches for group competition at 50 and 100, Hunter Class at 50 and 100 and now IRB (International Rimfire Benchrest) at 50m. Then there are the RBA events organised in Australia by Sydney shooter Bill Collaros. There are many classes of rifle categories available and some matches are conducted at night under lights. This form of Benchrest competition attracts many people who are not interested in centrefire because of the noise factor or reloading. The ammo is not necessarily any cheaper. Rimfire benchrest has some particular differences and equipment needs so we have a special area for them. Please note we do not sell rifles or ammunition. For a brief history of Rimfire Benchrest refer to the sub tab at left.

500 yards

Hunter Class

Hunter Class Benchrest involves shooting at a score target instead of shooting for groups. These matches are getting very popular in some parts of Australia. This is an SSAA official competition for both Centrefire and Rimfire rifles with 2 classes in each category. The course of fire involves shooting at a target which contains 6 bulls (or rondels), one of which is for sighting shots and is contained in a printed border. The shooter fires only one shot at each of the 5 other bulls and the result is scored in a similar manner to scoring other forms of targets shooting. Shots score a 10 or 9 or 8 etc. A match consists of several targets at 100 and 200 for centrefire rifles and at 50 and 100 for Rimfire. These matches attract a lot of attention because they are easier to organise and shooters feel more competitive with less sophisticated rifles. For a brief history refer to the sub link at left.

1000 yards

F Class

F Class is basically Bench Rest on the ground. It is an official NRAA event and is shot on ranges all around Australia at distances from 300 to 1,000 yards. There are two classes of general competition. F Standard is a rifle close to a Full Bore Target rifle but with a scope and rests or bi-pod and F Open class has less restrictive rules on rifle design and calibre. The target for F Open is also smaller. F Class shooters are learning to use many of the Bench Rest techniques with tuning their loads and cartridge case prep, high magnification telescopes and good bench rests and bags.

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